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M-NET.2 - realization of Ethernet-channel systems fire "TIRAS"

Fire alarms 21 June 2016 y.

Nowadays local computer networks have become an essential part of almost any modern enterprise, company or office. Besides, all these objects are required to be equipped with fire alarm systems.

A common work of fire alarm and LAN provides a number of advantages; they are particularly topical at medium and large objects, as well as at spatially-distributed objects.

«M-NET.2» module, a new development of "Tiras-12" LLC, is designed especially for the use of wide opportunities provided by local networks in "TIRAS" fire systems.

«M-NET.2» has two options of use:

  1. Implementation of the communication via network (Ethernet) between FCP "Tiras-16.128P" and the expansion devices "Tiras-4P", "Tiras-8P", "Tiras-16P" and PUiZ "Tiras-1" («M-NET.2» must be installed in each device that will operate in the local network).
  2. Connection of the addressable fire alarm system "Tiras-A" to PC and the organization of monitoring with "Monitor-A" software.

«M-NET.2» is implemented on a separate PCB, it has no separate cashing and should be set inside the housing of FCP, it is connected to the system via RS-485 bus.

«M-NET.2» is addressed in LAN by a static IP-address. If there are two modules on different subnets, subnet mask must be specified. «M-NET.2» is programmed from a PC via a web interface.

«M.NET.2» also enables to transmit data via Gigabit-capable Passive Optical Network (GPON), this technology nowadays gains popularity and is characterized by considerable scaling and extra bandwidth.

So, «M.NET.2» allows you to use network, already assembled on-site and significantly reduce the cost and time spent for buying and mounting new cables.