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26 March 2019 y.

28 December 2018 y.
Графік роботи

26 November 2018 y.
Join our team with Viber and Telegram!

Friends!    Communication becomes more convenient. Now you can join us with Viber and Telegram.    In this groups you can get answers to technical and...

15 November 2018 y.
Reactio - software for Emergency Response Units

Colleagues! We first introduced a new software product "Reactio" at the "Bezpeka 2018" exhibition. This software is designed to increase the speed of interaction...

15 November 2018 y.
Video from "Bezpeka 2018" exhibition

Friends! We have prepared for you a video about the main security event - the exhibition "Bezpeka 2018". The first video is a brief overview of the four days of the...

14 November 2018 y.
The new photos from "Bezpeka 2018" exhibition

Friends! Thank you for your interest in new products that were presented at "Bezpeka 2018". This year we calculated a record number of visitors. Your feedback and...

11 November 2017 y.
Orion NOVA. Evolution of intruder alarm systems

At the beginning of 2017, we have released a new generation of intruder alarm systems – ORION NOVA. This system has become a platform for the introduction of modern technologies...

11 November 2017 y.
Tiras PRIME. Ukrainian fire alarm systems can be like this

Fire alarm systems are perhaps the most conservative field among all security systems. Those, the most popular systems on the market were developed about ten years ago, and one...