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AMTS "Most"

AMTS is designed to implement security monitoring (CMS) at the premises of various size and complexity.

Alarm messages transmission system (AMTS) is designed to implement central monitoring (CMS) at premises of various size and complexity:

  • signal receiving,
  • signal processing,
  • displaying of information about the status of devices at objects and station equipment.

AMTS "Most" supports the following communication channels with SCPs:

  • GSM-channel format GPRS;
  • GSM-channel format CSD;
  • Ethernet-channel.

AMTS "Most" includes

  1. AMTS "Most" can be divided into three main parts:
  2. CMS "Most" with installed software "Most";
  3. Additional monitoring station equipment "Most" (modems, receivers)

3SCPs of "Orion" series and accessories for them. repeaters, etc.):

Implementation of the AMTS "Most" using the GSM communication channel (format GPRS) and Ethernet.

To ensure the operation of AMTS "Most" in GSM and Ethernet channels (GPRS), for monitoring station "Most" it is necessary to ensure connection to the Internet and obtain a static IP- address (preferably two addresses – primary and backup from various Internet providers), where SCPs will send the information.

The maximum number of objects which can be montored by one monitoring “Most” station via these channels depends on the Internet speed and is limited to 2000 objects (depending on the set time parameters of SCPs).

SCP "Orion 1TK" and SCPs of "Orion T.3.2" series support operation in the GSM (GPRS) and Ethernet channel with secured protocol "Most".

The control panels of the Orion NOVA series support operation in the GSM (GPRS) and Ethernet channels in the encrypted protocol - NOVA.

Implementation of the AMTS "Most" with the use of GSM communication channel, CSD format.

The operation of central monitoring station "Most" in GSM channel (CSD-format) with the help of GSM-modem.

At least three GSM-modems are needed to implement one "Most" central monitoring station. (primary, backup, ping). 3 GSM-modems provide monitoring of 150 objects. Maximum number of GSM-modems – 16 pcs.

Estimated maximum number of objects that can be montored by CMS "Most" via GSM-channel (CSD) - 1000 objects.

SCPs of "Orion T.3.2" series and SCPs "Orion 1TK" support the operation in GSM-channel (CSD) in secured protocol "Most".

Features of "Most" software:

  • Network structure with the implementation of up to 12 working places;
  • Control of monitored objects distribution and processing between workstations in the network;
  • Database backup at any PC within the network;
  • Collecting statistics on objects which are monitored at any of working places;
  • Monitoring of up to 16 COM-port for connection of station equipment (modems, receivers, transmitters, etc.).


In order to operate SPTS Most one needs a personal computer with the following recommended features:
  • casing with a power supply, not worse than Chieftec UNC-410S-B-OP, 410 VA;
  • processor, not worse than Intel Core I5;
  • motherboard, not worse than the Asus H170-PRO;
  • RAM, at least 8GB;
  • HDD, not worse than HDD 500 Gb, 7200 rpm;
  • DVD-RW disc recorder;
  • Operating system Windows 7, Windows 10;
  • monitor, not worse than 24" TFT (Full HD);
  • uninterruptible power supply complete with batteries, not worse than BNT-1000AP;
  • adapter PCI-COM (using GSM (CSD) communication channel);
  • GSM-modem (when using GSM (CSD) communication channel);
  • Most software;
  • HASP-hardware protection key.


  • Alarm messages transmission system - Most formuljar_most_ua.pdf (173.78 Kb) Download
  • Керівництво адміністратора СПТС "Мост" admin_manual_most_ru.pdf (3.45 Mb) Download
  • Руководство оператора СПТС "Мост" oper_manual.pdf (1.13 Mb) Download


  • Certificate of conformity for the system of transmission of anxiety notices "MOST" with software "MOST" / version 2.0.2 (collection 12) of the DP4 transmission category. sertufikat_most_dp4.pdf (3.25 Mb) Download
  • Certificate of conformity on alarm messages transferring system “MOST” with software "MOST" / version 2.0.2 (assembly 12) / in the composition according to the annexes. sert_most_20.pdf (4.59 Mb) Download

Device supports the operations in GSM (CSD) / GSM (GPRS) channels for two SIM-cards and Ethernet (BPME dialer).


Device supports the operations in GSM (CSD) / GSM (GPRS) channels for two SIM-cards and Ethernet (BPME dialer).


Device supports the operations in GSM (CSD) / GSM (GPRS) channels for two SIM-cards and Ethernet (BPME dialer).

Orion NOVA 4

Smart Security Center. 4 basic alarm zones

Оrion NOVA 8

Smart Security Center. 8 basic alarm zones

Оrion NOVA 16

Smart Security Center. 16 basic alarm zones


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