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Control and programming panel for the addressable fire alarm system.


  • Large graphic LCD-display with a resolution of 320x480 pixels;
  • Automatic search and assignment of devices to the system;
  • Ability to choose the language of the interface (Ukrainian/Russian);
  • Naming of zones and devices of the system;
  • Ergonomic plastic housing;
  • Supports connection of Touch Memory Key Reader;
  • Connects to primary unit of addressable control panel using two communication lines;
  • Sound indication.


APK contains all elements for the control and indication of SPSA "Tiras-A", has a convenient and understandable user interface.

  • Power supply range: 10,0 V - 15,0 V;
  • Current consumption in all modes, not more than 0,23 A;
  • Current consumption in the standby mode, not more than 0,16 A;
  • Overall dimensions: 270х200х55 mm;
  • Weight 1,65 kg.


  • Certificate of conformity for addresable fire receiving-control devices "Tiras-A" and "Tiras PRIME A" as a part according to the appendix sert_addresable.pdf (3.65 Mb) Download
  • Декларація про відповідність пожежних приладів (8.95 Mb) Download

Addressable fire alarm control panel is designed for the organization of fire safety at objects of any complexity.


Remote device for the expansion of SPSA "Tiras-A".


Affordable and easy to use heat optical dot address smoke detector.


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