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“Djmil-1” siren (24V)

Emergency light and siren "Djmil-1" is designed for use with fire alarm and intruder alarm systems

Emergency light and siren "Djmil-1" is designed for use in security and fire alarm systems.

Device meets ISO EN 54-3: 2003.

The beeper is a piezoelectric siren, and the light source are SMD LEDs of bright red colour.

"Djmil-1" is housed in plastic enclosure and is protected from unauthorized access, tear off from the installation place, foam blowing.

Additionally OSZ "Djmil-1" is equipped with a separate confirmation LED to display the alarm status. The enclosure protection class is IP43C, it allows to use sirens both inside and outside the premises (type B according to ISO EN 54-3: 2003).


  • Operating voltage: 24 V;
  • Current consumption: 0,07 А;
  • Sound level: 80 dB;
  • Sound frequency: 2.5…4.5 kHz;
  • Operating temperature range: -25°C ... +70°C;
  • Enclosure preotction: class IP 43С;
  • Dimensions: 154x90x41 mm;
  • Weight: 0.22 kg.


  • Certificate of conformity for the fire detectors light and sound OSZ-1 -OSZ-14, OSZ-1 (24V) -SZ-14 (24V), OSZ-1Ex -OSZ-14Ex, 'Djmil', 'Djmil'-1', 'Djmil'-2 ',' Djmil' '(24V),' Djmil'1'(24V),' Djmil' 2 '(24V) and' Djmil' A'. sert_sirens.pdf (1.87 Mb) Download
  • Декларація про відповідність пожежних приладів (8.95 Mb) Download


  • Паспорт "ОСЗ" Джмиль-1" (24V) osz_dzhmil1_24v_ps_ua.pdf (367.63 Kb) Download

Fire alarm device, intended for the implementation of a reliable system of fire safety on secondary sites.


This modern fire alarm control panel is designed to implement a reliable system of fire security on medium objects.

FCP PUiZ “Tiras-1”

A modern control panel for control of 1 extinguishment zone (gas, powder and aerosol).


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