For project engineer

 Distinguished installers, we offer you examples of projects that are made on the basis of equipment of production of "Tiras-12" 

Connection scheme MBI-2(48.85 Kb)

Connection scheme of ATAS "Tiras-A"(108.82 Kb)

Connection scheme of PPCP "Tiras - 8P.1"(101.98 Kb)

Connection scheme of SPT "Tiras"(45.82 Kb)

Connection scheme PPKP "Tiras 4P.1"(108.72 Kb)

Connection schemes of the alerts(68.77 Kb)

Scheme for connecting the sirens to the "Tyras-1" PUiZ(46.64 Kb)

Scheme of connecting the sirens from an external source(46.63 Kb)

Scheme of connection "K-LED16"(33.09 Kb)

Scheme of connection "K-LED4"(33.36 Kb)