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M-OUT8R to replace the MRL-8

Intruder alarms 08 May 2018 y.

Important information for those who use the expansion module of relay outputs of MRL-8 when designing security and fire protection systems based on the equipment of our production.

Beginning in May 2018, instead of the MRL-8 module, you should use the M-OUT8R module for all fire control panels and security control panels that support working with it:


FCP series "Tiras-P";
FCP series "Tiras PRIME";
SCP series Orion NOVA series;
Address Fire Alarm System "Tiras-A" (with address module AM-4).
M-OUT8R has all the capabilities of the MRL-8, as well as - additional benefits:

is placed in a convenient plastic case with an enlarged, in relation to the metal case, a place for cable lines;
executed with the use of more modern circuitry, which allowed to reduce the current consumption and the size of the fee;
universal performance for work with 12- and 24-volt systems;
used "lift" terminal blocks that are more convenient and reliable in use;
the cost of the module is reduced.
MRL-8 is removed from production and is sold before the end of the balance in stock.