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MBI-2 (24V)

Spark protection module MBI-2 meets standards DSTU 7113, DSTU EN 60079-11. It is a loose module and complete with FCP "Tiras PRIME" is designed to provide fire protection in explosion-hazardous premises. It is labeled with explosion mark - ExibllB.

MBI-2 is installed outside explosive premises. The sparkproof line of MBI-2 can contain the following devices:

  • Fire detectors SPD-2 "Tiras" Ex, SPT "Tiras" Ex, SPR "Tiras" Ex;
  • Emergency lights and sirens OS Ex, OSZ Ex;
  • manual control devices PAZ "Tiras" Ex, PRZ "Tiras" Ex.



  • Certificate of conformity to the device I / O (barrier spark protection module) MBI-2 (24V) sert_mbi24v.pdf (905.06 Kb) Download
  • Декларація про відповідність пожежних приладів (8.04 Mb) Download


  • Passport MBI-2 (24V) mbi2_24v_ps_ua.pdf (276.05 Kb) Download
SPT "Tiras" Ex

Affordable and easy to use heat fire detector, used in explosive rooms.

PAZ "Tiras" Ex

Emergency stop device for fire extinguishing, used in explosive rooms.

PRZ "Tiras" Ex

Manual start device PRZ "Tiras" Ex


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