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Meet the new BG2415 power supply!

Fire alarms 24 September 2018 y.

Friends! We would like to present you a new power unit BG2415, which was specially developed for the fire alarm system "Tiras PRIME".  Also, this PSU can be used to power the components of any other fire alarm system, fire-extinguishing systems and alerts with a working voltage of 24V.

The BG2415 has protection against overload, overheating, incorrect connection, deep discharge of battery and short circuit of charger. Two lead-acid batteries with a capacity of 7 or 9 Ah with a voltage of 12V are used as a backup power source. Maximum output current is 1.5 A.

BG2415 has the necessary certificates, according to the standards group DSTU EN 54-4 and DSTU IEC 60950.