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A multifunctional intruder alarm panel, supporting operation with the communication channels GSM(GPRS) with two SIM-cards and Ethernet (connecting BPSE). Besides transmitting information to central monitoring station, this device provides SMS-notification to defined mobile phones.

SCP "Orion 16I.3.2" supports 16 zones of alarm that allows to implement a reliable alarm system at medium premises: apartments, homes, offices, shops, warehouses and others.


Discontinued. Replacement - Orion NOVA L(i)


A smart algorithm of intruder alarm system control with the use of up to 16 groups, up to 32 access codes and a wide range of access identifiers: keyboards, Touch memory keys, "Orion-RK" radio-sets, make the daily operation of the system simple and intuitive.


Easy operation is ensured not only for end user but also for the security system installer, providing the programmability and device configuration with the keyboard, using a special app «oLoader» and remotely – with the help of AMTS "Most" and via GPRS channel.


Features of "Orion 16I.3.2" SCP are not limited to protective functions. SCP "Orion 16I.3.2" supports parametric signaling loops to connect, for instance, fire alarms sensors, automatic control functions (electric locks, lighting, etc.) and control of service (KNS).


  • Number of alarm loops: 16;
  • Voltage of alarm loop: 12 V;
  • Number of relay outputs: 2 (+2 MRL-2.1);
  • Resistance of alarm loop in standby mode: 2.41..3.6 Ohms;
  • Total current for sensors supply: 350 mA; 
  • Current for sirens supply: 500 mA;
  • Current consumption from the battery: 380 mA ;
  • Battery charging current to the– not less than: 300 mA;
  •  Slot for battery: 7 Ah;
  • Power supply: 220V (-15%,+10%), 50±1 Hz;
  • Operating temperatures range at operation: -10°C…40°C;
  • MTBF: 20,000 hours;
  • Average lifetime: 10 years;
  • Dimensions of SCP: 281х226х85 mm;
  • Dimensions of keyboard: 125х93х33 mm;
  • Weight of keyboard: 0,16 kg; 
  • Housing: ABS-plastic.


  • Certificate of conformity to devices receiving and control security (PPKO) and receiving (PPK) Orion type models and in accordance with the appendices. sert_orion_20.pdf (6.90 Mb) Download
  • Declaration of Conformity security devices (8.41 Mb) Download


  • Паспорт ППКО "Орион-16І.3.2" (версия 4) 16i32_4_ps_ua.pdf (3.07 Mb) Download
  • Руководство по эксплуатации ППКО "Орион-16І.3.2" (версия 4) 16i32_4_ne_ua.pdf (2.18 Mb) Download

For project engineer

  • Схема подключения ППКО "Оріон-16I.3.2" (101.68 Kb) Download
oLoader II

App is designed for programming and setting of SCPs.


USB-programmer is designed to change/write configuration to FCPs of "Tiras" series.

Keypad 8TD

LED-Keyboard 8TD SCPs Orion-T.3.2, Orion-I.3.2 series.


Expansion module for two relay outputs with double-throw contact


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