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Compact security control panel, supporting the GSM(GPRS) channel. Besides transmitting information to central monitoring station, SCP "Orion 1TK" provides SMS-notification on 2 predefined mobile phone numbers.

SCP "Orion 1TK" supports two full alarm zones, allowing you to implement reliable security alarm on small premises: apartments, shops, commercial spaces and others.


Control of SCP "Orion 1TK" is performed by using Touch Memory keys (4 keys) from mobile phone (up to 4 numbers) or CMS, making the everyday operation of the system more convenient.


Easy operation is ensured not only for end users but also for the security system installer, programmability and device configuration with a special service software "oLoader" or via SMS-messages.


SCP "Orion 1TK" has a universal output of "open collector" type to connect sirens or control actuators, e.g. electric locks.


  • Number of alarm loops: 2;
  • Voltage of alarm loop: 12 V;
  • Resistance of alarm loop in standby mode: 2.41..3.6 Ohms;
  • Current to supply “Orion RK” radio-set, on “+12V” output, no more than: 50 mA;
  • Current via “ВИХ” output – no more than: 50 mA;
  • Current consumption from the battery: 200 mA;
  • Battery charge current – not less than: 80 mA;
  • Slot for battery: 1,2 Ah;
  • Power supply: 220V (-15%,+10%), 50±1 Hz;
  • Operating temperatures range at operation: + -10°C…40°C;
  • MTBF: 20,000 hours;
  • Average lifetime: 10 years;
  • Dimensions of SCP, mm : 170х110х60;
  • Weight of SCP without battery: 0.7 kg;
  • Housing: ABS-plastic;


  • Certificate of conformity to devices receiving and control security (PPKO) and receiving (PPK) Orion type models and in accordance with the appendices. sert_orion_20.pdf (6.90 Mb) Download
  • Declaration of Conformity security devices (8.41 Mb) Download


  • Паспорт ППКО "Орион-1ТК (I)" (версия 1) 1tki_1_ne_ua.pdf (551.82 Kb) Download
  • Руководство по эксплуатации ППКО "Орион-1ТК (I)" (версия 1) or1tk_1_ke_.pdf (677.54 Kb) Download

USB-programmer is designed to change/write configuration to FCPs of "Tiras" series.

oLoader II

App is designed for programming and setting of SCPs.


При спрацюванні та відновленні тривожної кнопки 3 рази підряд подальші повідомлення на ПЦС не приходять?

Після тривоги необхідно перевстановлювати ШС під охорону (з ПЦС, з ППК або налаштовувати ШС з обмеженим часом пам’яті тривог).

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