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Orion-4T.3.2 mini

Specialized security control panel, supporting GSM(CSD)/GSM(GPRS) channel with two SIM-cards.

SCP «Orion 4T.3.2 mini» is housed in a compact plastic case allowing you to post directly from ATMs and terminals, thus implmenting a reliable security control system.

SCP «Orion 4T.3.2 mini» supports 4 alarm zones, allowing to implement a typical alarm system of ATM, payment terminal or other small premise, such as apartments, shops and others.


Control of "Orion 4T.3.2 mini» is performed by using Touch Memory key and, if necessary, on the keyboard, with support of up to 16 keys (access code) and 8 groups of SL.


Device programming is performed by using a special service app - «oLoader», a keyboard (not included) and remotely - with CMS "Most" via GPRS-channel.


SCP "Orion 4T.3.2 mini» also supports parametric signaling loops, to which, for example, heat detectors can be connected, they are often used to protect ATMs. In a separate output to connect a siren, "Orion 4T.3.2 mini» has two additional relay outputs to control actuators.



  • Number of alarm loops: 4;
  • Voltage of alarm loop: 12 V;
  • Resistance of alarm loop in standby mode: 2.41..3.6 Ohms;
  • Current consumption for detectors supply: 350 mA;
  • Current for siren supply: 350 mA;
  • Current consumption from the battery: 380 mA; 
  • Battery charge current – not less than: 150 mA;
  • Slot for battery: 2,2 Ah;
  • Power supply: 220V (-15%,+10%), 50±1 Hz;
  • Power consumption from the mains: 10 VA;
  • Operating temperatures range at operation + -10°C…40°C;
  • MTBF: 20,000 hours;
  • Average lifetime: 10 years;
  • Dimensions of SCP: 270х197х52 mm;
  • Weight of SCP without battery: 0,9 kg;
  • Keypad weight: 0,16 kg;
  • Housing: ABS-plastic.



  • Certificate of conformity to devices receiving and control security (PPKO) and receiving (PPK) Orion type models and in accordance with the appendices. sert_orion_20.pdf (6.90 Mb) Download
  • Declaration of Conformity security devices (8.41 Mb) Download


  • Паспорт ППКО "Орион -4Т.3.2 mini" (версия 2) 4t32mini_2_ps_ua.pdf (1.24 Mb) Download
  • Руководство по эксплуатации ППКО "Орион-4Т.3.2 mini" (версия 2) 4t32mini_2_ne_ua.pdf (1.57 Mb) Download

For project engineer

  • Схема подключения ППКО "Орион-4Т.3.2 mini" (66.93 Kb) Download
Keypad 4TD

LED-keypad for 4-zone SCPs Orion-T.3.2, Orion-I.3.2 series.

oLoader II

App is designed for programming and setting of SCPs.


USB-programmer is designed to change/write configuration to FCPs of "Tiras" series.


Чому немає напруги на клемах акумулятора (далі АКБ)?

Оскільки в приладі реалізовано захист від глибого розряду АКБ та  контроль наявності АКБ, напругу на клемах АКБ ППК слід вимірювати коли АКБ  підключена до них та справна (напруга АКБ знаходиться в межах 10.5..13.8 В). Перевірка справності зарядного пристрою виконується шляхом вимірювання напруги на АКБ при підключенні та відключенні мережі 220В.

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