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Orion NOVA 8+

Orion NOVA isthe evolution of a legendary series of Orion control panels, it combines 25 years of experience in development of security systems and advanced technologies and solutions.

It is easy to install, configure and controlOrion NOVASCPs, they provide reliable professional protection in accordance with the European standard EN50131, Grade 2.

Control system of Orion NOVA is intuitive, one can control SCP locally, using classical keypad or remotely, using mobile and web-services – Control NOVA.

Its features and theset of auxiliary equipment allow SCPs of Orion NOVA seriesto design both stand-alone systems, and security systems with central monitoring stations for different types and sizes of objects – apartments, houses, offices, shops and so on.

Orion NOVA 8+ is the basic element of security system at large premise (office, malls, warehouses, etc.). Thecontrol panel supports up to 128 zones,up to 15 keypads and up to 16 extensionmodules.



Discontinued. Replacement - Orion NOVA L


  • 8 alarm zones, expandable to 128 zones;
  • 128 groups;
  • 128 users;
  • 8 basic outputs, expandable to 128 outputs;
  • GSM (GPRS)-communicator M-GSM (optional);
  • Ethernet-communicator M-NET (optional);


  • K-LED keypad with 4/8/16indicators on it;
  • Informive K-LCD keypad with LCD-display;
  • Premium K-GLCD keypad with a bright OLED-display and glass face.
  • Up to 15 keypads of any type can be connected to central control panel.

Stand-alone/Central monitoring

SCPs of Orion NOVAserieshave bothstand-alone and central monitoring modes. You can switch from one mode to another, it is only a matter of options.


Devices are programmed from computer (Windows) and smartphone or tablet (Android) via USB using O-Loader app.
Programming is protected with installer’s code.

Remote control and monitoring

Complete remote access to the system from your Android/iOS-based smartphone using Control NOVA app.
Connection is protected with the access code and securedhttpsprotocol.

Friendly user interface

A new intuitive user interface allows naming of all system components, contains intuitive mnemonic signs and tips.

Extension ofthe system

System bus RS-485 is used for connection of additional devices and modules.
All components are assigned with a unique serial number, without any physical jumpers and DIP-switches.
Supports extension up to 16 devices.

Reliable protection

Encrypted communication between components of alarm system, protection against substitution.
Protection according to European standard EN50131 Grade 2.

Wireless detectors

Supports wireless detectors produced by Crow LTD. (using M-WRL (C) module).


  • Event log – 1000 events.
  • SMS-notification with 8 numbers.
  • Supports domain names (DNS).
  • Touch Memory and Wiegand interfaces.
  • Smart charging device.











  • Instruction on the operation of the control panel "Orion NOVA 8+" nova8plusne_1_1_x_ru.pdf (942.67 Kb) Download


  • The conformity certificate for the "Orion NOVA 8+" receiving and control device (control panel) in accordance with the appendix. sertnova8plus.pdf (4.56 Mb) Download
  • Declaration of Conformity security devices (8.41 Mb) Download

For project engineer

  • Connection scheme "Orion NOVA 8+" (77.62 Kb) Download


  • Firmware "Оrion NOVA 8+" (Version 1.1.11) (538.59 Kb) Download


  • oLoader (22.58 Mb) Download
M-Z box

External 8-zone expanding module




Module with eight extra relay outputs.


Keypad for ACP of «Orion NOVA» and «Orion NOVA II» series with OLED-display.


Remote display panel.


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