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Intruder alarms 30 May 2019 y.

Orion NOVA Second Generation (hereinafter referred to as Orion NOVA II) is a new professional security alarm system from TIRAS, which will appear on the Ukrainian security market in June 2019.

Orion NOVA II security systems absorbed the best of the first generation and got some new features that make them a unique product in the Ukrainian market.

In this article, we will not go into the technical part of the equipment, but consider the key features of the new series.

The first – is the professional level of protection.

Design, ease of installation, mobile services are all signs of a modern security system, which, of course, owns Orion NOVA II, but behind them, sometimes, the most important part goes away - the security system, in the first place, must protect. And protect the most securely.

In the development of Orion NOVA II, the level of protection of the system - was the number one priority. That is why this security system has been certified according to the professional security level GRADE 3 and is ready to protect objects from intruders with professional skills and the availability of special electronic equipment.

In addition, we upgraded the "Most" SPTS to the level of the dual-channel alarm transmission system with the DP4 transmission category, which is characterized by increased resistance to loss of communication with the control panel. (DP4 is the highest category of alert notification in accordance with DSTU EN 50136-1 and is provided with integrated control of the Orion NOVA II series control panel).
Our "formula of professionalism" is simple:




The second –  is a series of models.

The Orion NOVA II series control panels model row:
  • Orion NOVA XS;
  • Orion NOVA S;
  • Orion NOVA M;
  • Orion NOVA L;

As you can see, the Orion NOVA II control panel names use a common XS, S, M, L size system, indicating the size of an object for each control panel - from small objects such as a garage or trading space to large objects Objects - office centers, hospitals, banks, etc.

When forming the model range of Orion NOVA II control panels, we adhere to the principle "Every object is special". What does this mean literally: the payment for the true universality of the security system is always high. The universal system, in reality, will be either redundant for one part of the objects, or insufficient for another part. This primarily concerns - the size of the control panel and, accordingly, the size of its battery, the base and a maximum number of zones, the number of outputs, expansion options, etc.

And if it happened so that the security features of the security system are actually universal for most types of objects - this system is guaranteed to strike on the customer's wallet. As an example, wireless security systems, where, with an increase in the size of an object, the cost of the system grows in a "geometric" progression.

And does all customers really need versatility? Not always. The client is not interested in the fact that the security system, which he installed in the apartment, would be well suited for the office. He is interested in the other - reliability, safety and economic rationality of the system is precisely for his object and no more.

And who really needs versatility?

First of all, it requires installers and security companies. Professionals involved in the installation of security systems and further monitoring of objects and for which the use of identical mechanisms, the logic of connection and system setup are a key issue.

On this side, the Orion NOVA II is the ultimate universal. All ACPs in series are developed on one software and hardware platform. All logic of system building, set of additional equipment, adjustment and management are as much as possible. Therefore, having installed one control panel from a series, difficulties will not be established when installed.

Based on these factors, we made Orion NOVA II. As a result, this equipment provides different and simultaneously optimal solutions for different types of objects. Because each of them is, in fact, special.

Briefly about each control panel.

Orion NOVA XS – a junior representative of the series, possessing the basic functional capabilities of the security system. This is the best budget solution for the protection of small-sized objects, such as a trading place, garage, a small apartment or an entry group on any other facility.

  • 2 basic alarm zones with the possibility of expanding to 6 zones;
  • 2 basic outputs;
  • 2 groups, 8 users;
  • support for 2 keypads;
  • interfaces: RS-485, mini-USB, Touch memory;
  • output current: 400 mA;
  • communication protocol with the monitoring station - NOVA;
  • communication channels: GPRS (2 SIM cards);
  • battery: 1.2 or 2.2 A*h;
  • safety class GRADE 2 according to EN 50131.

Orion NOVA S – a full-featured security alarm system for reliable protection of small objects, for example, an apartment, an ATM, a terminal, etc.
  • 4 basic alarm zones with the possibility of expanding up to 32 zones (wired + wireless);
  • 4 basic outputs;
  • 16 groups, 32 users;
  • support for 4 keypads;
  • interfaces: RS-485, mini-USB, Touch memory;
  • output current: 700 mA;
  • communication protocol with the monitoring station - NOVA;
  • communication channels: GPRS (2 SIM cards), Ethernet (M-NET+), Wi-Fi (M-WiFi);
  • battery: 2.2 A*h;
  • safety class GRADE 3 according to EN 50131

Orion NOVA M – the classical format of the security control panel for the protection of medium-sized objects: large apartments, private houses, small offices, shops, etc.

  • 8 basic alarm zones with the possibility of expanding up to 32 zones (wired + wireless);
  • 4 basic outputs;
  • 16 groups, 32 users;
  • support for 4 keypads;
  • interfaces: RS-485, mini-USB, Touch memory;
  • output current: 850 mA;
  • communication protocol with the monitoring station - NOVA;
  • communication channels: GPRS (2 SIM cards), Ethernet (M-NET +), Wi-Fi (M-WiFi);
  • battery: 7 or 9 A*h;
  • safety class GRADE 3 according to DSTU EN 50131.

Orion NOVA L – the most functional model of the series, designed to build a security alarm with the elements of "smart home" on quite large objects: large private homes, banks, office space, shops, etc.

  • 16 basic alarm zones with the ability to expanding up to 64 zones (wired + wireless);
  • 6 basic outputs;
  • 32 groups, 64 users;
  • support for 8 keyboards and 8 remote expansion devices;
  • interfaces: RS-485, mini-USB, Touch memory;
  • output current: 850 mA;
  • communication protocol with the DCS - NOVA;
  • communication channels: GPRS (2 SIM cards), Ethernet (M-NET +), Wi-Fi (M-WiFi);
  • battery: 7 or 9 A*h;
  • safety class GRADE 3 according to EN 50131.


The main tool for managing the security system remains keypad. Orion NOVA II supports three types of keypads: K-LED, K-LCD, and K-GLCD - to meet the needs of any objects.

K-LED – basic budget keypads for 4, 8, or 16 alarm zones indicators for the simple day-to-day operation of the security system.

K-LCD – functional keypad for administration and system setup, equipped with informative LCD display and touch keypad.

K-GLCD – the most attractive of all keypads in Orion NOVA series. Has tempered glass surface, OLED screen, touch keypad, SMART Light technology.


Expansion of the system and additional equipment.


The Orion NOVA II security system, if necessary, can be expanded with both wired and wireless devices. The possibilities for system expansion are increased from the smallest to the largest control panel series.

The smallest representative of the series - Orion NOVA XS, can be expanded only through the use of keyboard zones and exits.

Orion NOVA S and Orion NOVA M - support the work with internal expansion modules and communicators that are installed in the universal expansion slots.

The senior representative of the series - Orion NOVA L, in addition to internal expanders, supports the work with extension modules expansion on the RS-485 system bus.

Below is a fleet of expansion modules and communicators at the end of May 2019. Later they will be more.


M-WRL(A) – wireless device integration module that allows you to add up to 32 Ajax components to the system. Device integration takes place at the protocol level, with full information content maintained.

Supported components: DoorProtect, MotionProtect, CombiProtect, GlassProtect, FireProtect, FireProtect Plus, LeaksProtect, MotionProtect Plus.

Wireless components integration module M-WRL (A)


M-Z – module which installed on the Orion NOVA M or M-ZP box and adds 8 wired alarm zones to the security system.

M-Z expansion module


M-Z box – the remote device for expanding the security system by 8 wired alarm zones.

M-Z box remote zones expanding device


M-ZP box – a remote device for expanding the zones and exits of the Orion NOVA II system. Adds to the system 8 (16 with the installed M-Z module) wired alarm zones, 4 programmable outputs, 2 outputs "confirmation" and 1 output for connecting siren.

M-ZP box remote zones and outputs expanding device


M-OUT8R – a remote device that adds 8 powerful relay outputs for automation control.

M-OUT8R remote relay expanding device



An important parameter of the reliability of the security system is its connection with the central monitoring station and the cloud server. All series devices are equipped with a modern GSM module. An additional Ethernet or Wi-Fi connection is provided using the appropriate M-NET+ or M-WiFi module, which is installed on the control panel board in the universal slot.

M-NET+ Ethernet communicator


M-WiFi communicator


System setup.

To customize the Orion NOVA Generation II, the free oLoader II software is available in the version for Windows, Android and Mac OS devices that allows you to customize the security system from a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

oLoader ІІ software


All possible settings are placed in a convenient, intuitive interface, which makes the configuration of the system as simple and fast as possible.

The advantage of oLoader II is the ability to fully remotely configure: no matter where the installer is, it can configure the devices through a personal account in Tiras CLOUD II, without visiting the object.


Remote control

The surveillance of the Orion NOVA II security system is possible from anywhere in the world using the mobile control application NOVA II. Wherever there is a user, all that is needed is to connect his smartphone to the Internet.

Control NOVA II provides complete remote access to the security system with iOS or Android device:

  • removal and setting of the security system under protection;
  • control of automation - lighting, heating, water supply, etc .;
  • view the status of the zones;
  • view detailed event log;
  • administration of users;
  • Instantly alert you about important events in the form of PUSH messages (alarms, malfunctions, takeoffs, etc.).

The control of NOVA II with the security system is maximally protected. User authentication takes place via access code - digital or biometric (Touch ID, Face ID). The exchange of information takes place exclusively in the encrypted communication protocol via the Tiras CLOUD II cloud server.

Control NOVA II mobile application Control NOVA II



As a short resume on Orion NOVA II:

  • a professional degree of protection GRADE 3;
  • model range of control panel with optimum possibilities and price for "its" object;
  • support for mobile services - remote setup and management;
  • the possibility of expansion and set of additional equipment to the requirements of a particular object;
  • the ability to implement a wired, wireless or hybrid system.

Orion NOVA II has absorbed all the best of the previous series of security systems and received new features in accordance with the requirements of the modern market.

And yet, all of the above is just the first software version. And the is a lot of new ahead.

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