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Orion NOVA XS is the best budget solution for the protection of trading place, garage, a small apartment or security entrance group on any other object.


The system built on the basis of Orion NOVA XS,  with the support of modern mobile services, is extremely accessible and convenient at all stages of its operation: from setting to everyday use and maintenance.


The control panel "Orion NOVA XS" gives the possibility to design both a system with connection to the central monitoring station and a stand-alone professional safety system that meets the requirements of the European EN50131 Grade 2  standard.


The control panel "Orion NOVA XS" is the embodiment of advanced technologies in the compact enclosure with a modern design, which would complement any interior.

Key features:

  • 4 basic alarm zones with the possibility of expanding to 32 alarm zones;
  • 8 groups;
  • 16 users;
  • Built-in GSM(GPRS)-communicator;
  • Two SIM-cards;
  • Universal slot for additional module or communicator: M-NET +M-WiFiM-WRL (A).

Main advantages:

  • Tactics of protection:

Orion NOVA XS can provide both stand-alone protection and protection with connection to the central monitoring station.

  • Grade 2:
The Orion NOVA XS alarm control panel has been developed in accordance with European standard EN 50131 and has an elevated Grade 2 security class.
  • Keypads:

 Support for 2 of any keypads: K-LED4 / K-LED8 / K-LED16K-LCDK-GLCD, to meet the needs of any object.

  • Remote control:

Fully protected on-line client access to the system with Android/iOS device using the application Control NOVA II.

  • Setting:

Local and remote setting or software update is made with the help of a Windows or Android device.

  • User-friendly interface:

A new intuitive user interface with icons and tips, all the system components can be named.


  • GSM-signal jamming detection;
  • Event log (1000 events);
  • SMS-notification on 8 phone numbers;
  • DNS support;
  • Automatic remote software update.



  • 4 basic alarm zones with the possibility of expanding to 6 alarm zones (using keypad zones);
  • 8 groups;
  • Voltage in signaling loop: 8 - 12 V;
  • Resistance of terminal resistor: 3 ± 1% kOhms.


Interfaces for connection of external devices and keypads

  • Communication bus: RS-485;
  • Maximum length of communication bus: 1000 m.



  • 1 signal transistor outputs;
  • 1 power transistor outputs.


Connection parameters with monitoring station

  • Communication channels: GPRS, Ethernet/Wi-Fi;
  • Protocols (operation modes): protocol «NOVA»;
  • Built-in GSM(GPRS) module: Yes.



  • Control: Control NOVA II (OS Android, iOS);
  • Configuration:  oLoader II (Windows 7/8/10); oLoader II Android (Android version 4.4 and higher with OTG support).




Access identifiers

  • Touch Memory Interface.


Power supply

  • Primary power unit and current consumption: 220 V (+22 V -33 V), 50 Hz;
  • Maximum current of detectors power supply (+ 12V, POUT): 200 mA;
  • Maximum supply current of siren on SIR output: 200 mA;
  • Backup power type/capacity – Lead-acid battery: 1.2 or 2.2  Ah, 12 V;
  • Maximum current consumption from the battery: 100 mAh.


General features

  • Operating temperature rangе: from -10°C to + 40°C;
  • Dimensions: 280х280х80 mm;
  • Weight: 0,8 kg;
  • Housing material: ABS plastic;
  • Enclosure protection rate: IP30;
  • Average lifetime: 10 years.


  • Instructions for installing and adjusting the control panel "Orion NOVA S/S(i)/XS/XS(i)" (version 2.6) nova_sv2_nv_2_6_ua.pdf (1.93 Mb) Download
  • Instructions for installing and adjusting the control panel "Orion NOVA XS/XS(i)" (version 1.6) nova_xs_nv_1_6_ua.pdf (1.44 Mb) Download
  • Passport "Orion NOVA XS/XS(i)" (version 1.5.X) nova_xs_ps_1_5_x_ua.pdf (431.96 Kb) Download
  • Instruction for operation "Orion NOVA S/S(i)/XS/XS(i)" (version 2.6) nova_sv2_ne_2_6_ua.pdf (1.33 Mb) Download
  • Instruction for operation "Orion NOVA XS/XS(i)" (version 1.6) nova_xs_ne_1_6_ua.pdf (1.18 Mb) Download
  • Passport "Orion NOVA XS/XS(i)" (version 2.5.Х) nova_xsv2_ps_ua.pdf (385.91 Kb) Download


  • oLoader II (46.32 Mb) Download


  • Certificate of conformity on technical devices of security purpose of types, models and components according to appendices. sert_novaii.pdf (1.58 Mb) Download
  • Declaration of Conformity security devices (7.92 Mb) Download

For project engineer

  • Connection scheme "Orion NOVA XS" (71.74 Kb) Download


  • Firmware "Orion NOVA XS" (version 1.6) (734.26 Kb) Download
  • Firmware "Orion NOVA XS" (version 2.6) (732.28 Kb) Download

LED-keypad for control panels of the "Orion NOVA” and "Orion NOVA II” series.




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