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Remote display panel for "Orion NOVA 8+» control panel to display the system status.

  • Indication of status of 32 zones or groups of the system;
  • Allindicators can be marked.
  • Connects to a control panel via RS-485 system bus (maximum lengthup to 1000 m);
  • Plastic housing.



  • Power supply (inputs «12V», «GND»): 10,8-13,8 V;
  • Current consumption: 80 mA;
  • Number of zone/groupindicators: 32 pcs.;
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 265x195x48 mm;
  • Weight: 0,6 kg.



  • The conformity certificate for the "Orion NOVA 8+" receiving and control device (control panel) in accordance with the appendix. sertnova8plus.pdf (4.56 Mb) Download


  • Passport "P-IND32" pind32_ua.pdf (333.35 Kb) Download

For project engineer

  • Scheme of joining "P-IND32" (34.02 Kb) Download
Orion NOVA 8+

Intelligent security system for large objects. Supports up to 128 zones/outputs/relays/groups/users.

Orion NOVA L

Оrion NOVA L allows implementing a security alarm system on large objects: large houses, banks, office premises. It has 16 base alarm zones.


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