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PRZ "Tiras" Ex

Manual start device PRZ "Tiras" Ex.

Manual call point PRZ "Tiras» Ex is designed to operate in the fire alarm system and manual "fire" signal tramnsmittion to FCP.

Manual call point PRZ "Tiras» Ex is designed for manual control of fire extinguishing system.

PRZ "Tiras» Ex, has the certificate of explosion-proof of electrical equipment (electrical device) №2813 of State Testing Center of Explosion proof and Mining equipment.


  • Type B according to DSTU EN 54-11: 2004;
  • Possibility of parallel or series connection to the loop;
  • Availability of LED indication (at parallel connection).


  • Operating voltage: 8 V - 28 V;
  • Electrical resistance of contacts for series connection, not more than: 0.5 Ohms;
  • Internal resistance of detector at parallel connection at a current of 20 mA, no more than: 450 Ohms;
  • Operating temperature range: –10°C to +55°C;
  • Enclosure protection class: IP 20; 
  • Dimensions: 93x90x43 mm;
  • Weight: 0,15 kg.


  • Certificate of conformity for electrical devices for launching the manual type PRZ 'Tiras', PRZ'Tiras' Ex and electrical devices for stoping the manual type PAZ 'Tiras', PAZ 'Tiras' Ex. sert_paz_prz.pdf (1.62 Mb) Download
  • Certificate of examination equipment and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive environments. SPD-2 Ех, SPT Ех, SPR Ех, PRZ Ех, PAZ Ех, ОS Ех, ОS Ех (12/24V), ОSZ Ех sersc.pdf (4.85 Mb) Download
  • Декларація про відповідність пожежних приладів (8.95 Mb) Download


  • Паспорт ПРЗ "Тірас" Ex przex_ps_ua.pdf (238.38 Kb) Download

Fire alarm control panel is designed to implement a reliable system of fire security on small objects.


Fire alarm control panel with built-in GSM / GPRS dialer is designed to implement a reliable system of fire safety on small objects.


It is a loose module and complete with FCP "Tiras-P"


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