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PSO "18kHz-GPRS(i)"

PSO "18kHz-GPRS» is designed for receiving information from the SCPs, which transmit messages via a engaged telephone line (18kHz), and the further transfering of this information to the central monitoring station via GSM-channel (GPRS format).

PSO "18kHts-GPRS” supports 2 SIM-cards with automatic switching between them. The principle of information transmission to the central monitoring station in the GSM-channel (GPRS) is similar to that of SCPs of "Orion T.3.2" ("Orion I.3.2") series, with full information content.



  • Performs the functions of a telephone line;
  • Two versions to operate with the protocol "Most" or "Integral-O";
  • Programming via «oLoader» app or SMS-messages;
  • Compact size of PCB; 
  • Universal accessories:
  • Special racks to be placed inside the housing of SCP;
  • Compact casing to be placed outside the SCP.



  • Power supply (inputs – "+ 12V", "COM"): 10,8 V – 13,8 V;
  • Average current consumption: less than 60 mA;
  • Current consumption in transmission mode: max 120 mA;
  • Transmission delay time: 5 sec;
  • Max. transmission delay time: 20 sec;
  • Mean time between failures – not less than 40 000 hours;
  • The average lifetime: 10 years;
  • Dimensions: 70x 92x33 mm;
  • Unit weight 0,15 kg.



  • Passport PSO "18kHz-GPRS (i)" (version 18kCIDi_1.5.X) pso18kcidi_ne_1_5_x_ua.pdf (818.94 Kb) Download


  • Certificate of conformity on technical devices of security purpose of types, models and components according to appendices. sert_novaii.pdf (1.58 Mb) Download


  • Firmware "18kHz-GPRS(i)" software (version CID18kCID_1.5.1) (276.86 Kb) Download

For project engineer

  • Схема подключения УСО "18 кГц-GPRS" (43.62 Kb) Download
oLoader II

App is designed for programming and setting of SCPs.


сompact security control panel, supporting the GSM(GPRS) channel.


Device supports the operations in GSM (GPRS) channels for two SIM-cards and Ethernet (BPME dialer).


Чому ПСО не виходить на зв'язок з пультом?

Можливі причини: ПСО не налаштований, перевірити прихований та серійний номер (UID – для 18kCID-M_1, 18kCID-M_2), точку доступу SIM1 та SIM2,  ip адресу та порт ПЦС  згідно керівництва з експлуатації (завантажується з сайта).  

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