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Сontrol TM

Android-application «Control TM» is a management tool alarm system and automatic.

"Control TM" is designed for control and monitoring of security alarm systems with SCPs "Orion-4(8)TM.1" ("Orion 4TM.1" since ver.12 (10 after firmware update), "Orion 8TM. 1 ", since ver. 7 (5 after firmware update)).

 «Control TM» app is designed for easy control of the alarm security system at your house. Now you can control the security of your house, office, garage, etc., regardless of your location, using only smartphone without connecting to the Internet.



«Control TM» provides the following capabilities for remote control and monitoring:

  • flexible arming/disarming of the system;
  • control of actuators (heating, air conditioning, lighting and others)
  • event logging;
  • checking account balance of SCP "Orion";
  • checking the status of all system components;
  • power reset of fire detectors;
  • naming of all system components;
  • monitoring of power supply of security system components and others.

Connection of «Control TM» app with SCP is performed with the help of SMS-messages, where each message from the SCP contains information on all components of the security system allowing you to receive relevant complete information.


  • Compatible with Android 4.1 OS or higher;
  • Languages: Ukraininan, Russian, English.


  • Сontrol TM (1.66 Mb) Download


  • Оperating software " Сontrol TM" controltm.pdf (2.01 Mb) Download

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