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Fire alarm control panel is designed to implement a reliable system of fire safety at medium premises (offices, shops, banks, warehouses, etc.).

Optimum functionality and wide range of additional equipment allow to meet the individual fire safety requirements of a particular object, thus simplifying the job of both developing engineer, installer and service personnel.

Basic parameters:

  • 8 alarm loops;    
  • 3 algorithms of detector verification;
  • Built relay outputs "alert," "fire," "fault";
  • Connection of relay lines module, MRL;
  • Connection of dialer module: MCA or MCA-GSM to transmit signals to the central monitoring station;
  • Integrated power supply unit and a slot for battery 7 Ah.


  • Two embedded programmable outputs of the "open collector" type;
  • Built-in universal input;
  • Programming via keyboard or PC;
  • RS-485 system bus for connecting of additional devices: PUiZ "Tiras-1" MRL-8, MKI, PKI "Tiras";
  • The possibility of implementation of fire extinguishing systems with the help of PUiZ "Tiras-1";
  • Remote control and device polling (operating with CMS     "Most-P" in the GPRS-channel);
  • Touch Memory interface.




  • Number of alarm loops: 8;
  • Voltage in loop in standby mode: 11 - 12,5 V;
  • Resistance of alarm loop – no more than 250 Ohms;
  • Response time of alarm loop: no more than 0.4 seconds;
  • Power consumption from the mains: less than 50 VA;
  • Current consumption from the mains: less than 0.23 A;
  • Current consumption from the battery, not more (quiescent mode) than 170 mA;
  • Current consumption from the battery, not more (alarm mode) than 260 mA;
  • Slot for battery: 18 Ah;
  • Power supply 220V (-15%,+10%), 50±1 Hz;
  • Load on the DET output + 12V, no more than 2A;
  • Load on the SIR output, no more than 5A;
  • Operating temperatures range: -5°C..+ 40°C;
  • Dimensions: 330x410x85 mm.


  • Installation Instructions PPCS "Tiras-8P" (version 6, battstart) tiras4p_nv_5_ua_new.pdf (1.78 Mb) Download
  • Instruction on exploitation "Tiras-8P" (version 6, battstart) tiras4p_ne_5_ua_new.pdf (755.23 Kb) Download


  • Certificate of conformity for fire receiving-control devices "Tiras PRIME 8", "Tiras PRIME 16", "Tiras-4P '," Tiras-4P.1 ",'" Tiras-8P "," Tiras-8P.1 "', "Tiras-16P", "Tiras-16.128P", "Tiras PRIME 8L" as a part according to the appendix sert_convencional.pdf (3.71 Mb) Download
  • Certificate of examination equipment and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive environments. Series: Tiras Р, Tiras PRIME, Tiras-А sc_170201_red_1.pdf (6.48 Mb) Download
  • Декларація про відповідність пожежних приладів (8.95 Mb) Download

For project engineer

  • Connection scheme "Tiras-8P" (107.43 Kb) Download
FCP PUiZ “Tiras-1”

A modern control panel for control of 1 extinguishment zone (gas, powder and aerosol).


Digital autodial module, transmitting messages via the GSM data transmisssion channel (CSD/GPRS).


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