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Tiras PRIME 8

Tiras PRIME series combines 25 years of experience in the field of security systems development with modern technologies and services.

There are no compromisesin Tiras PRIMEseries, ourengineers have constructed it from scratch. A new ergonomic design, intuitive user interface, support for mobile services, system extension, powerful power supply unit –it is only the part of the innovations of Tiras PRIME series.

Features and auxiliary equipment of Tiras PRIME series allow to design fire alarm systems for different types and sizes of objects– shops, offices, warehouses and so on.

All the equipment of Tiras PRIME series is certified according to EN-54 standards.


Key features

  • 8 basic zones of fire alarm;
  • Three types of verification;
  • 2 programmable relay outputs;
  • Controlled outputs: "Fire" and "Fault";

Ergonomic housing

A new plastic housing with the optimal sizes and structure. The housing provides a quick and easy installation.

User interface

Intuitive interface with the use of mnemonic signs, informer and one-layer management system.

Power supply

  • Operating voltage: 24 V; 
  • Standby power supply: 2 batteries of 7 or 9 A*h; 
  • Pulse power supply unit, power: 50 W; 
  • Smart charger; 
  • Grounding control.

Two outputs for sirens and emergency lighting

FCP allows to implement zoning of alert, improving the system topology and saving cables.


You can configure FCP from PC or smartphone/tablet using tLoader app. Devices are equipped with USB-interface.

System bus

System bus RS-485 for connecting additional equipment. Devices are assigned with a unique serial number; there is no need to use any jumpers and DIP-switches.

Work with central monitoring station

Two communicators:

  • M-GSM- connection with central monitoring station via GPRS two SIM-cards can be used;
  • M-PSTN- connection with the central monitoring station via a telephone line.

Automation scripts

The device can execute both simple actions, like automation and complex dependencies with delays using a special script system.

Additional features

  • Log – 1024 events;
  • Built-in relay outputs;
  • Naming of all system components;
  • Additional zone modes;
  • SMS-notification.



  • Number of zones: 8 pcs;
  • Zone voltage: 24 V (nominal);
  • Number of detectors in zone: no more than 32 pcs;
  • Terminal resistor resistance: 6.8 kOm or 3.9 kOm;
  • Additional resistor resistance (two-wire circuit): 1 kOm;
  • Shunt resistor resistance (four-wire circuit): not supported.

Interfaces for connection of external devices and keypads

  • Connection bus (number, type);: RS-485, 1 bus;
  • Maximum length of connection bus: 1000 m.


  • Output type/quantity: 2 “alert” outputs, 2 programmable relay outputs, outputs "Fire" and "Fault".

Parameters of connection with monitoring station

  • Connection channels: GSM (only GPRS), telephone line;
  • Protocol (operation mode): ContactID (telephone line), MOST (GSM);
  • Built-in GSM module: No.

Control, monitoring, extension, programming, software
•    tLoader\Operating system: WindowsXP/7/8/10, Android (with OTG).

Zone extension modules, extra outputs

  • Modules: M-OUT4R, M-OUT8R;
  • Maximum number of modules: M-OUT4R – 1 pcs, M-OUT8R – 2 pcs.

Power supply unit

  • Primary power source and current consumption: 220V (-15% + 10%), 50 ± 1 Hz, 0.27 A;
  • Maximum load current on outputs (for external devices): 2x24 V x400 mA;
  • Maximum current on alert output: 2x3 A (switching);
  • Power backup – Type/capacity: 2 lead-acid batteries; 7 Ah, 12 V, or 9 Ah, 12 V;
  • Minimal current consumption form the battery: 70 mA.

General characteristics

  • Operating temperature: from -5°C to + 40°C;
  • Dimensions: 349x367x96 mm;
  • Weight: 4 kg (without battery);
  • Housing material: plastic;
  • Enclosure protection rate: IP30;
  • Average lifetime: not less than 10 years.

Features of control panels:

  • Verification of A, B and C type in zones (according to EN54-2);
  • Event Log – 1024 events;
  • Real-Time Clock;
  • Night and day mode;
  • Scenarios of outputs;
  • USB-connection;
  • SMS-notification;
  • Smart charger;
  • Powerful pulse power supply.


  • Firmware "Tiras PRIME 8" (version 1.3.1) (377.01 Kb) Download


  • Certificate of conformity for fire receiving-control devices "Tiras PRIME 8", "Tiras PRIME 16", "Tiras-4P '," Tiras-4P.1 ",'" Tiras-8P "," Tiras-8P.1 "', "Tiras-16P", "Tiras-16.128P", "Tiras PRIME 8L" as a part according to the appendix sert_convencional.pdf (3.71 Mb) Download
  • Certificate of examination equipment and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive environments. Series: Tiras Р, Tiras PRIME, Tiras-А sc_170201_red_1.pdf (6.48 Mb) Download
  • Декларація про відповідність пожежних приладів (8.95 Mb) Download

For project engineer

  • Connection diagram TIRAS PRIME 8 skhemaprime4_8.rar (61.05 Kb) Download


  • Operating manual "Tiras Prime 8" prime4816_1_1_x_ne_ua.pdf (1.75 Mb) Download
  • Tiras Prime 8 - Installation manual prime_ist_ru.pdf (3.95 Mb) Download



Module with eight extra relay outputs.

“Djmil-2” siren (24V)

Emergency light and siren is designed for use in security and fire alarm systems.


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