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Tiras PRIME. Ukrainian fire alarm systems can be like this

Fire alarms 11 November 2017 y.

Fire alarm systems are perhaps the most conservative field among all security systems. Those, the most popular systems on the market were developed about ten years ago, and one hasn’t noticed any significant development in this direction for all these years.
Tiras-12 ltd (hereinafter – TIRAS) for years has been presenting fire alarm systems of the Tiras-P series on the local market, today they are the undisputed leader in the Ukrainian market. But despite this, in 2015, the company took a rather risky step and started to develop a completely new series of fire alarm systems, Tiras PRIME series.

The first prototype was demonstrated at Bezpeka 2015 show.

Our main goal was to create a new hardware and software platform, which, by its appearance and internal content, provides a new experience of fire alarm system usage.

We wanted to finish the era of post-Soviet iron boxes and produced a truly European product.

After two years of development, in 2017, the first release of Tiras PRIME panels came out on the market. These were three basic FCPs (fire alarm control panels), external output modules, sirens, detectors, and software.

Today, Tiras PRIME series is replenished with new devices and continues to develop in various directions.
In this review, we recall specifics of Tiras PRIME series and why one should try to work with this equipment.

Designation of the system

So, for today, Tiras PRIME series is represented by conventional fire alarm control panels with the capacity of 4..16 zones. The additional equipment includes everything, necessary for the implementation of a complete fire alarm system: detectors, sirens, external output devices and communicators.

As of the end of 2017, Tiras PRIME is suitable for implementation of fire alarm system at small and medium-sized objects: shops, banks, offices, hotels, etc (in other words, for most types of objects).

Tiras PRIME as the part of the interior


Technical and functional characteristics

The first thing you pay attention to is its appearance. A new ergonomic plastic housing and a new user interface were designed and developed for the FCPs of Tiras PRIME series.

One can immediately see the difference between the previous Tiras-P series: FCP Tiras PRIME 16 compared to FCP Tiras-16P has become smaller and lighter, and at the same time, it is more convenient for installation and not worse than the last one in terms of standby power supply.

Comparing FCP Tiras PRIME 16 and FCP Tiras-16P

But if we compare 8-loop FCPs, we can see the following: Tiras PRIME 8 compared to Tiras-8P, is larger.
At first glance, we cannot call it an advantage, but quite often, a fire alarm system, based on Tiras-8P, (as a rule they are installed in two-, three-story objects) requires the use of an additional power supply unit (BG 1230 or some other) for power supply, for example, sirens.

FCP Tiras PRIME 8 is designed to provide the main and standby power supply for all the components of the system by its own. This is so-called monoblock format. In such comparison of FCP Tiras PRIME 8 with FCP Tiras-8P and PSU BG 1230, the advantage is on the side of the first one not only in terms of convenience and size, but also in the total cost.

Comparing FCP Tiras PRIME 8 and FCP Tiras-8P + PSU BG 1230

  • What is inside?
The main board and the indication panel of this device are located on a special insert, which can be easily removed from the housing base such that it is easy to carry out wiring.
A separate power supply unit (our own production) is located on the basis with "true" 50W. We pay a lot of attention to power supply units and try to provide all our devices with power supply units of our own design and production.
For example, in control panels of Tiras PRIME and Orion NOVA series, a completely new scheme and algorithm for a battery charger is applied. We call it an "intelligent charger," its rather complicated algorithm takes into account the temperature of the batteries, separates the stages of batteries charging and completely turns off the charged battery, which significantly increases the life of batteries (in two times, according to our calculations).
FCP Tiras PRIME with indication panel lifted up
  • Backup power source is provided by two batteries (capacity is 7 or 9 A*h) and, as you have already understood, Tiras PRIME is a series of 24V devices. 
  • Cable connections: 
  1. Fire alarm loops: 4, 8 or 16 basic alarm loops, depending on the device model.
  2. Each loop has a separate ground, there is no more need to connect the ground of different zones to one terminal.
  3. Outputs for alert: FCP Tiras PRIME has two built-in outputs for alert. This is a significant advantage allowing you to zone alert and save money for cables.
  4. Two programmable relay outputs for the control of fire automatics.
  5. Fire and Fault outputs. Unlike FCPs of Tiras-P series, these outputs are of transistor type (not relay), and there is control over the connection line.
  6. RS-485 system bus for connection of additional equipment. Today, this is the external relay module, M-OUT8R (the list will be expanded).
  7. Power supply outputs of 24V for components of the fire alarm system.
  8. Mini-USB interface for system setup.
  9. We replaced the old-style "clamping" terminal blocks in the FCPs of Tiras PRIME series with new ones, "lifts", which are much more reliable and more convenient in operation.


Additional equipment

There is a set of additional equipment available in Tiras PRIME system, which, together with the basic device, form a fire alarm "ecosystem". Let us consider this equipment:

The relay outputs module M-OUT4R provides 4 relay outputs for the system to control the fire automatics. The module is installed on the PCB of the main board on a special connector.

Relay module M-OUT4R

External relay module M-OUT8R provides 8 powerful relays for the system to control fire automatics. The module has its own housing and is connected to RS-485 system bus with a line length of up to 1000 m.

External relay module M-OUT8R

  • Communicators: 
M-PSTN is a communicator, transmitting messages to central monitoring station via public telephone line.
M-GSM is a communicator designed to work via GPRS-channel. Also, when using M-GSM, it is possible to implement SMS-informing to certain numbers of mobile phones, for example, the object owner.
M-PSTN communicator
M-GSM communicator

Only one communicator can be installed in the control panel at once. It is installed on the main board in a special connector.


Detectors and sirens

Of course, in order to implement the complete fire alarm system, based on Tiras PRIME control panel, we recommend you to use detectors and sirens produced by our company.

Detectors of Tiras series (SPD-2 (smoke), SPT (heat), SPK (smoke and heat), SPR (manual call point)) support a wide range of power supply voltages and can work both with 12V and with 24V devices.

By the way, the detectors were also upgraded and are now equipped with a completely new contact group and upgraded smoke chamber. The new contact group is much more reliable than the previous one; the mounting system compensates surface irregularities at the place where this detector is installed, new contacts make it impossible to disrupt the normal operation of the device. The smoke chamber has been upgraded along with the quality of its inner surface, to exclude the possibility of false actuation.

Structure of SPD-2 Tiras smoke detector 

As for emergency lightning and sirens, TIRAS devices are also versatile – 12V/24V. Sirens Djmil, Djmil-1, Djmil-2 and emergency lighting have two modifications: operation voltage of 12V or 24V. For Tiras PRIME series it is necessary to choose 24V siren/emergency lightning.

Djmil-1 siren

System settings

Now let's move on before the system is configured. Full customization is performed with the help of the specialized "tLoader" software, which now is suitable for both Windows and Android OS. Now you do not need any USB programmers, the built-in USB interface allows you to work directly with the device.

So, what do you need to set up the system?

In the case of Windows OS, it is an ordinary USB-mini-USB cable, and in case of Android-based setup, another microUSB-OTG cable is needed (or USB Type C-OTG) for the most up-to-date smartphones and tablets.

tLoader application

Certificates of Conformity

A critical issue for fire alarm systems is the question of meeting the requirements of norms and standards.
The equipment of Tiras PRIME series is certified according to the latest versions of the DSTU EN-54 standard, at that we implemented not only mandatory requirements of the standard, but also optional ones. As a result, we got a system that can operate according to DSTU EN-54 not only declaratively, but truly in practice.



In addition to the global innovations that have been announced earlier, Tiras PRIME series has a lot of small, but not less pleasant bonuses, which any other conventional FCP in Ukraine cannot be proud of (according to our data), here are some of those:
  • Tiras PRIME has a non-volatile event log. Its capacity is 1000 events. If necessary, this log can be read from FCP for further viewing on PC or Android-device.
  • All system components can be named: zones, outputs, inputs, users, devices. This is necessary for further convenient displaying of this information in the event log or on the display of FCP (for the FCP with such a display, in the long run).
  • Fire zones of FCP can operate in the universal input mode for control of fire automatics and the corresponding reaction to events. Universal input can control external power, fire extinguishing, fire state, or be used in scenarios, which we discuss further.
  • «Tiras PRIME» supports a universal system of scenarios for the automation of fire automatics. Scripts are a universal automation software designer, with the help of which you can perform various sequences of actions. For example, in case of fire in N zone, activate Y output for 1 min, when closing the fire valve controlled by the universal X input, activate A output, and when the valve is opened, deactivate the output. There can be lots of such options and they can be designed by the installer, according to the requirements of a particular object.


Development prospects

Tiras PRIME series is developing and is being replenished with new equipment. FCP Tiras PRIME 8L is the next device in this line, equipped with an LCD screen, having 8 onboard signaling loops and enabling the extension of up to 20 zones with the help of M-Z(f) module.
Also, we are currently working on development of a fire extinguishing module, a remote display panel and a 24V analogue of the power supply unit, BG 1230. We will further develop Tiras PRIME series to make a complete fire-fighting "ecosystem". Until the situation, when a designer and an installer do not have to think about the fact that FCP is produced by one manufacturer, detectors are made by another, and sirens by the third one, and how all these are combined into one system. The maximally complete list of equipment from one manufacturer is, first and foremost, the efficiency issue of the whole system that protects people's lives. We are now offering a unique range of fire equipment for the Ukrainian market and we continue to expand it.



Thank you for your attention! We recommend you to try working with our Tiras PRIME. In our opinion, this is a product of the European level. At the moment, we are testing this by presenting the equipment of Tiras PRIME series in the countries of the European Union.
Is the fire safety market of Ukraine ready for such an equipment and to the total increase of the fire safety technical level? This issue is still open. We think it is, and what about you?